FAQ: Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration client captures first boot time. This information is shared with Warranty Server. First boot time is typically used when the device is not registered.

The best way to stop the reminder notifications is to register the device warranty.  If that is not possible or you don’t wish to register the warranty, select the notification and there will be an option to “NEVER” receive the reminder notifications again.  This “NEVER” setting will NOT survive a factory reset, so on device reset, you will have to open the notification and select NEVER again.

While it is not mandatory to register for warranty, it does save time in the event a device service request is required.

Find more info on Sonim’s warranty here: https://www.sonimtech.com/warranty-information/.

The device needs to have access to a data connection in order to submit the warranty registration.

Yes, the Sonim web portal has an option to bulk upload device information for warranty registration.

Device can be registered from the SCOUT application on the device (SCOUT > Support > Warranty Registration) or from the Sonim web portal www.sonimxperience.com

Sonim Warranty Registration can be updated via App Updater for XP3 and XP5s devices (SCOUT > Setup > App Updater > Check for updates). Use the Google Play™ store to update the application on XP8 by searching for “Sonim Warranty Registration” (