Introducing SonimWare

Your ultra-rugged phone is now also ultra-smart, ultra-capable and ultra-intuitive.

First, we set the bar for how ultra-rugged mobile devices should perform in extreme environments. Now we’re raising it even higher with the launch of SonimWare, our comprehensive set of software tools, applications and utilities designed to improve the management and productivity of your mobile ecosystem.

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What is Included

The SonimWare toolbox

A comprehensive, web-based toolbox loaded with helpful setup, utility and support solutions that allow administrators to communicate, manage, and update devices.

SonimWare’s free, pre-loaded intelligent application for device configuration, management and support.

Turn your XP8 into a powerful on-device 1D/2D barcode scanner and capture large amounts of data quickly and confidently.

A powerful app connected to an easy-to-use alarm key that offers an array of safety-first options you won’t find on other devices.

Get to know SonimWare

SonimWare puts the Ability in Durability

SonimWare’s comprehensive suite of software tools, applications, and utilities are designed to improve the productivity of both workers and management, making it an essential tool that delivers results throughout your entire organization.

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Easy to use

SonimWare features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for administrators to optimize device screens, control settings and features, and push out firmware updates to team members. The streamlined layout also reduces app overload and makes it easy for workers in the field to do their job more effectively.

Optimized for productivity

With Sonimware, only the apps and settings that you specify are made available to users, so you never have to worry that devices are being used for non-work related activity, like social media or browsing YouTube.

Built to scale

Whether you’re a ten-person operation, or a Fortune 500 company managing hundreds of workers in the field, SonimWare makes provisioning, deploying, and customizing a large number of devices fast and easy.


Manage and control devices
remotely with CLOUD

Your teams depend on their devices to be optimized to allow them to work and communicate safely and efficiently. Thanks to Sonim CLOUD, you can provide them with high-level device support from anywhere. CLOUD features a web-based console that gives administrators a comprehensive toolbox of solutions to effectively provision, deploy, update, and manage devices. It also provides the ability to remotely troubleshoot and communicate with devices as needed.


Over-the-air updates: remotely push out application updates, contacts and SCOUT configurations including Kiosk Mode, SafeGuard, MDM Helper and Call Screening, to devices from anywhere.

Seamless integration within the SonimWare toolbox: CLOUD makes it easy to setup and manage other tools like SOS and SCAN.

Total control from anywhere: Monitor device status, allow or block operating system updates, view applications installed on devices, remotely setup device hotspots, lock or reset devices over-the-air, and remotely register devices or check the warranty status.