Sonim XP8

The smartphone that’s built to serve, built to last.

Sonim XP8 is an ultra-rugged smartphone built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need when and where they need it most.

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Sonim XP5s

Handset communication pushed to the extreme

When communication failure is not an option, Sonim XP5s is the answer. Ultra-rugged and purpose built, it thrives in severe conditions, offering those who serve an ultra-reliable Push-To-Talk solution.

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Sonim XP3

Flip the script on handset durability.

For fast, easy and reliable communication, the Sonim XP3 is standing by. This ultra-rugged, ultra-loud flip outperforms — and is available with or without it’s robust camera.

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Sonim Serves Public Safety

Rugged, reliable communication for a coordinated response

Sonim ultra-rugged LTE handsets were purpose-built to serve the critical mission of public safety workers. With multi-shift battery life, real OneTouch PTT and built-in Band 14 access, Sonim delivers instant, reliable and secure connection and communication for those who work in hazardous, isolated and emergency conditions.

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Sonim Blog

Keep up to date on all Sonim products, partners and technology information on the Sonim Blog.

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Sonim Store

Enhance your Sonim device with ultra-rugged accessories

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