Corporate Responsibility at Sonim

Sonim has generated its 2022 and 2023 CSR report by adhering to the GRI standards and citing this framework as the basis for the information presented.

About Sonim:

Product Lines

Sonim Technologies is a leading U.S. provider of ultra-rugged, rugged and consumer durable mobile devices including phones, wireless internet data devices, tablets, accessories, and software designed to provide extra protection for users that demand more durability in their work and everyday lives.

Sonim’s strategic partnerships with carriers spans more than a decade and includes multiple device innovations, accessory and application launches that fulfill customer needs in the rugged, durable, and wireless internet device markets.  These partnerships include and serve the enterprise, industrial, and mission-critical markets. Sonim was the first manufacturer to support specific requirements in support of a public safety dedicated network band. Today, Sonim’s addressable market extends to small and medium business and consumers.

Mission and Purpose

Sonim’s mission is to provide high-quality, dependable communication tools to customers who want more from their technology, whether they are in mission critical and extreme environments or facing the challenges of daily life.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional products and customer service ensures that nothing stands in the way of our customers’ ability to communicate with confidence and efficiency.

As manufacturers of ruggedized, mission-critical communication tools for individuals operating in extreme conditions, we are acutely aware of the distinctive role our company plays within this sector. Millions of workers entrust their primary communication to our solutions, relying on us to provide connections they can count on. In addition to serving those in demanding environments, we extend our offerings to a broader audience, seeking to redefine value and reliability in a market traditionally lacking in both. Through innovation, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to a customer-first approach, we distinguish ourselves, ensuring our users communicate with confidence and efficiency.


Corporate Responsibility at Sonim focuses on the environmental, health and safety impacts of our operations, in addition to the well-being of our employees, and those for whom our solutions are crafted.  We are committed to providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of our company’s governance, environmental and social policies, and initiatives that are focused on positively affecting our employees, the global environment, and our society.


Sonim Technologies is headquartered in San Diego, California with additional offices in Shenzhen, China and the United Kingdom.

Sonim Corporate Headquarters
4445 Eastgate Mall
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92121

Sonim China
5/F 502,Guoren Building A, No.5, Keji Middle Third Road,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R. China 518000

Financial summaries and annual reports are available on the Sonim Technologies Investor Relations Website.


Board of Directors

  • Sonim Technologies’ Board of Directors consists of five members who bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience within the telecommunications industry. Each board member functions in various roles within the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Corporate Governance Committee.  Our board was selected by our stockholders to provide oversight and strategic guidance to our senior management, to fulfill fiduciary duties of care and loyalty and otherwise to exercise his or her business judgment in the best interests of Sonim and its stockholders. The Board has responsibilities to review, approve and monitor fundamental financial and business strategies and major corporate actions, assess major risks facing Sonim and consider ways to address those risks and to maintain the integrity of Sonim.   For more information on the Board of Directors and Committees visit

Investor Communication

  • Sonim Technologies communicates regularly with its stockholders by releasing quarterly and annual financial results, in addition to publishing Section 16 filings with the SEC, as well as annual meetings of stockholders. We also communicate our major updates and accomplishments within press releases.  The financial results and press releases are available on our website for review.

Customer Communication

We offer a 24-hour global hotline to support customer service issues.  Customers can contact us for service at 1-833-MY-SONIM 1-833-697-6646. For additional information about products and company news, customers can visit and our pages on social media channels.

Employee Communication

  • The CEO conducts quarterly All-hands Meetings with the organization. All employees are invited to join where they can raise questions to the CEO directly.  Also, the CEO sends frequent communication through e-mail to employees, regarding product news and updates on the operation status of the company. Our department leaders are also required to conduct one-on-one meetings with their direct repots at least once a year to review their performance annually, listen to their thoughts on career planning and provide feedback and goals to support the employee’s growth strategy. At Sonim, we also have an open communication policy, where every employee has a voice and the opportunity to be heard.