Corporate Responsibility at Sonim

Sonim Technologies is a leading U.S. provider of ultra-rugged mobility solutions designed specifically for task workers physically engaged in their work environments, often in mission-critical roles. The individuals we serve are our “everyday heroes” – manufacturers, construction workers, electricians, miners, police, firefighters, and first responders. Ultimately, we are in the service industry. We seek to better peoples’ lives by providing a communication solution that they can rely on – everyday, no matter the environment.

As manufacturers of ruggedized, mission critical-grade mobile devices for those who operate in extreme environments, we’re keenly aware of the unique position our company occupies in this space.  Millions of workers put their faith in our solution as their primary communications link.

Corporate Sustainability at Sonim focuses on the environmental, health and safety impacts of our operations, in addition to the well-being of our employees, and those for whom our solutions are crafted.  We are committed to providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of our company’s governance, environmental and social policies, and initiatives that are focused on positively affecting our employees, the global environment, and our society.

Sonim Technologies is headquartered in San Diego, California with additional offices in Shenzhen, China.

Sonim Corporate Headquarters
4445 Eastgate Mall
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92121

Sonim China
Room 1401, Haiwang Yinhe Science and Technology Building, No.1, Keji Middle 3rd Road,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong China 518101

Financial summaries and annual reports are available on the Sonim Technologies Investor Relations Website.


Board of Directors

  • Sonim Technologies’ Board of Directors consists of seven members who bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience within the telecommunications industry. Each board member functions in various roles within the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Corporate Governance Committee.  Our board was selected by our stockholders to provide oversight and strategic guidance to our senior management, to fulfill fiduciary duties of care and loyalty and otherwise to exercise his or her business judgment in the best interests of Sonim and its stockholders. The Board has responsibilities to review, approve and monitor fundamental financial and business strategies and major corporate actions, assess major risks facing Sonim and consider ways to address those risks and to maintain the integrity of Sonim.   For more information on the Board of Directors and Committees visit

Investor Communication

  • Sonim technologies communicates regularly with its stockholders by holding quarterly earning conference calls as well as annual meetings of stockholders. We also communicate our major updates and accomplishments within press releases.  The financial results and press releases are available on our website for review.

Customer Communication

We are deeply honored to help serve a key demographic – public safety professionals – who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.

  • Sonim’s strategic partnership with carriers span more than a decade and includes multiple device innovations, accessory and application launches to fulfill consumer needs in the rugged device space.   These partnerships expanded to include and serve the public safety ecosystem, and Sonim was the first manufacturer to support specific requirements in support of a public safety dedicated network band. Since that time, Sonim has continued to support public safety needs with an expanded device portfolio and features and functionality that are specifically targeted to public safety users.
  • In addition, we offer a 24-hour global hotline to support any customer service issues.  Customers can contact us for service at 1-833-MY-SONIM 1-833-697-6646.

Employee Communication

  • The CEO conducts quarterly All-hands Meetings with the organization. All employees are invited to join where they can raise questions to the CEO directly.  Also, the CEO sends communication through e-mail to employees, regarding product news and updates on the operation status of the company. Our department leaders are also required to conduct one-on-one meetings with their direct repots at least once a year to review their performance annually, listen to their thoughts on career planning and provide feedback and goals to support the employee’s growth strategy. At Sonim, we also have an open communication policy, where every employee has a voice and the opportunity to be heard.


With the global COVID-19 pandemic, protecting our employees and our customers is of utmost importance.  We  implemented a work from home policy in 2020 for all employees, whenever possible, and continue to work from home today.  Having this remote and flexible work environment keeps our employees safe and offers a better work-life balance.  Also, all our customer interactions are being done virtually and no one is traveling for business unless it is essential.  This in turn helps reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing commuter travel.

At each of our office locations, we have implemented strict guidelines that follow the laws and regulations specific to those countries.

Some of the key guidelines we have implemented:

  • All employees to work from home whenever possible
  • Encourage all meetings to be carried out virtually via Teams conferencing only
  • Avoid non-essential official travel
  • Discourage visitors in office complex
  • Advise employees who are at higher risk like older employees, pregnant employees, employees with health issues etc. to take extra precautions
  • Introduced Virtual Onboarding & Employee Orientation process, virtual exit management process, virtual team building activities, virtual trainings, etc.
  • Installation of hand sanitizer in all prominent locations/floors. Mandatory use of hand sanitizers at the entry.
  • Self-declaration of health condition before entering office premises
  • Follow social distancing norms within office.
  • Proper cleaning and frequent sanitization of workplace and frequently touched surfaces.
  • Guidelines on employee safety published which included employee with any symptoms to avoid coming to office.
  • Self-monitoring by employees and inform employers if feeling unwell


Future Goals

Sonim has developed goals and objectives to help impact the environment in a positive manner for our future.  Over the next four years we will strive for the following:

  • Inc