Sonim Technologies
Online Privacy and Security Policy

This Online Privacy and Security Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how Sonim Technologies, Inc. (“Sonim,” “We,” “Us” or “Our”) collects, Uses, shares and protects information about You.  By interacting with Sonim through Our Site or Services, You, the consumer (“You,” or “Your”) consent to the guidelines outlined in this Privacy Policy.  If Sonim amends or changes any portion of the Privacy Policy, it will be reproduced on this webpage in order to keep You up-to-date on the data We collect and how that data is Used.  Our Privacy Policy should be read alongside Our Global End User License Agreement (“Agreement”) and Terms of Use (“Terms”).  Unless noted otherwise, the capitalized terms found in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as those in Our Agreement and Terms.  A portion of this Privacy Policy is specific to California residents, and is outlined in the “Notice of Privacy Rights for California Residents” section below.

Our Privacy Policy

Sonim takes Your privacy seriously, and is committed to safeguarding the information We collect. Sonim developed this Privacy policy to outline Our collection, use and protection best practices. This Privacy Policy also outlines Your options regarding the way Your information is collected and used.

The Information We Collect

When You interact with Sonim’s Site or Services, some or all of the following personal information may be collected:

Full Name
Physical Address
Mobile Phone Number
Email Address
Company Name
Company Address
Associated Website/URL
Wireless Carrier
IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity number
IP address
Serial number
Mobile network code/Mobile country code
Model number
Software version
Baseband Version
Android version
Kernel version
Build number
SCOUT configuration
Mobile Network Code
Mobile Country Code
Date/time of SCOUT client check-in with cloud server
Last date/time of App Updater client check-in with server
Location (GPS coordinates)
Wi-Fi network connected
Free device memory (ROM)
Current battery percentage
Current battery status (charging/not charging)
Maximum battery temperature recorded
List of all installed applications – package name of the application
List of all installed applications – version number of the application
Application assigned to PTT Key
Application assigned to Yellow Key
Application assigned to Alarm Key

The personal information Sonim collects helps Us provision software updates, offer better Product (defined below) support and assists Us in determining what Services may benefit You in the future. A “Product” or “Products” include(s) Sonim’s (i) Handsets, (ii) data and workflow applications, (iii) industrial-grade accessories, and (iv) any other products Sonim may release from time to time.

Why We Collect and Process Your Information

Sonim collects and processes personal information that You directly provide Us, or that We believe is necessary to provide You with the best possible experience with Our Site and Services.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including the following manners:

Limited Warranty Registration.  Registering Your Handset with Sonim ensures that You enjoy the full benefit of Our three year limited warranty.  The personal information You provide Us in connection with the registration of Your Handset allows Us to quickly provide You with the focused support You need to minimize any interruption in Your use and enjoyment of Our Site and Services.

Sonim’s Site.  Our Site uses cookies to understand how You use Our Site so We can design better Services in the future and customize web page content based on Your browser type and Your previous browsing activity.  A cookie is a small file that is sent from a website’s server and placed on a device when You visit a website.  These cookies may only be stored for a brief period of time – during the time You visit a Sonim Site (“session cookies”), or for a fixed period of time (“persistent cookies”).  You can adjust or disable cookies by navigating to the settings or options section of Your web browser. Limiting or disabling cookies on Our Site may prevent Sonim from providing You with the full array of Services or functionality available to You.

Feedback.  Sonim is always interested in learning how to enhance the user experience of its Site, Products and Services.  Luckily, there are several ways You can reach out to Sonim if You have input that you wish to share.  You may call us at +1 (650) 378-8100 or navigate to the “Contact Us” section on our website ( Sonim may ask for Your name, phone number, email address, network carrier and company name/size in order to better assist You, or so that we can follow up on specific information You have provided Us.  Please note that the personal information You provide Us will be treated as “Feedback” according to Our Terms.  You can find a copy of Our Terms here

Sonim Cloud.  Sonim provide cloud-based tools and Services through the Sonim Cloud website located at The tools are a valuable resource that will help You realize the potential of Your Handset.

Applications.  Sonim offers mobile applications to enhance the capability of Sonim Handsets and Services. These applications collect personal information from You and Your device to provide You with tools to better use and manage Your Handset, and to keep You up-to-date on software improvements.  Your use of Sonim’s Services shall be governed by, and remain subject to, the terms of our Agreement.

Support. Sonim provides support for its Handsets twenty-four (24) hours a day, Monday through Friday through its customer experience center (CEC).  Sonim can be reached via email, phone or chat (from its main webpage) in order to assist You with troubleshooting potential issues as they relate to Your Handset.

How We Share and Disclose Your Personal Information.

The personal information Sonim collects will only be used and transferred to Sonim, its global offices and subsidiaries, and its reseller distributors and service providers (“Partners”).  Each of these companies have been contracted by Sonim to provide specific information and services, and are permitted to use Your personal information only to the extent permitted by applicable law. While Sonim and its Partners may use the personal information We collect for a number of purposes pursuant to legal authorization, Our primary purpose for collecting information is to provide You with a positive User experience of Our Products and Services.  Sonim does not sell, lease or rent Your individualized personal information to third parties and will not do so without You providing Sonim Your consent.

Sonim may need to be in contact with You for the following reasons:

  • To help You open Your account on a Sonim Site;
  • To help facilitate the purchase of Our Handset or Services on Our web-based store;
  • To update You on new Product or Service announcements, as well as special offers that We believe may be of interest to You, including joint sales promotions with one of Our partners;
  • To provide You with support for Our Handsets or Services, We may be required to share Your personal information:
    • If Your personal information must be shared with a third party, Sonim will provide only what is needed by the third party to provide the needed support. Any third party who is provided with Your information is prohibited from using it for any purpose other than for the provision of support services.
  • To alert You to information regarding Your Sonim account;
  • To protect You from unauthorized communications (i.e., spam) or other security risks;
  • To keep You updated on important information regarding the Services We provide;
  • To execute on actions requested by You, including the resolution of disputes;
  • To enforce this Privacy Policy, Our Agreement, Terms or any other applicable policies.

Sonim may also use Your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To pass sales leads to one of Our distribution partners;
  • To facilitate the delivery of items You purchased through Our Site;
  • To provide You with relevant delivery and tracking notifications, to the extent permitted by applicable law without Your consent;
  • To provide You with warranty service or Product or service updates, and information on special offers;
  • To ensure You are running the latest version of software on Your Handset;
  • In connection with certain business transitions, including the negotiation of a merger, sale of all or a portion of the company’s assets, or the consolidation or restructuring of the company, or
  • For other legitimate purposes permitted by applicable law.

How We Protect the Information You Provide Us

Sonim understands the importance of keeping Your personal information safe and secure.  When You use Sonim’s Handsets or Services, or browse Our Site, We use appropriate technical and administrative procedures to safeguard Your personal information. Your personal information may be stored or processed on Our server Using Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), a cloud computing platform, in the United States or any other country where Sonim, its subsidiaries or its service providers are located. When You use Sonim’s Site and Services, You are transferring information to the United States and other locations where Sonim or its service providers operate. If Your personal information is transferred outside of Your country, Sonim will provide You with notice as required by law.

Sonim maintains reasonable safeguards to keep Your personal information confidential, sound and secure, but cannot guarantee the security of the personal information provided to Us, as no transmission of information over the public Internet is ever completely safe and secure. Therefore,