FAQ: Sonim BLE Connect

It is likely that the accessory was not completely connected. Reset the phone’s Bluetooth by turning it OFF and switching it back ON and reconnect the accessory.

At times the accessory may go out of communication mode when the device is overloaded with connections or when a previous connection was not disconnected correctly. To resolve the issue, remove the accessory from the paired list of BT System Settings and Sonim BLE Connect by selecting ‘FORGET’ from the dialog options. Freshly pair the accessory and retry.

If a PTT application works with the PTT button on the phone, then all of the supported accessories listed in Table 1 will work with that application via BLE Connect.

No additional development is not needed from current PTT App Partners to support new BLE PTT accessories.

Yes, Sonim BLE Connect supports PTT applications. BLE Connect passes the Accessory button presses to the corresponding PTT application.

The accessory should auto-reconnect to BLE Connect.  If BLE Connect does not auto-reconnect with the accessory, open SCOUT > Utilities > BLE Connect and select the accessory from the list.

Some accessories have the relevant interfaces that allow for Sonim BLE Connect to connect to the accessory without first connecting to the phone via Bluetooth System settings.

Non-native accessories (as listed in Table 1: Native and non-native accessories) are listed immediately in Sonim BLE Connect and can be directly connected through the BLE Connect feature. No need to connect with Android Bluetooth.

Native accessories (as listed in Table 1: Native and non-native accessories) are first connected using standard Android Bluetooth pairing before the accessory can be listed in