Manufacturing and Sonim Durable devices that don't believe in downtime Amplify productivity with ultra-loud, ultra-rugged and ultra-reliable solutions from Sonim. From the back office to the factory


Healthcare and Sonim Built strong, built smart, and built to last a long shift, just like you. Stay connected and sanitized with ultra-rugged, ultra-reliable devices designed to

Facility Management

Facility Management If you deliver service operations to clients with large indoor and outdoor facilities, you manage a constantly mobile team. Success means lowering costs and demonstrating superior service


Logistics Sonim provides ultra-rugged communications and productivity in a single multi-purpose device, replacing the multiple single-purpose devices of yester-year. PUSH-TO-TALK With near-instant Push-to-Talk (PTT)* capabilities from leading wireless carriers

Federal Government

Federal Government For those who protect and serve our country, Sonim rugged mobile phones protect and serve them. PUSH-TO-TALK With near-instant Push-to-Talk (PTT)* capabilities from leading wireless carriers and


Construction More powerful than traditional radios, Sonim phones are professional power tools of communication, built tough to thrive on the construction site. Stay productive and safe with the rugged

Energy and Utility

Energy and Utility Sonim phones will work reliably day after day, for three or more years in the harsh environments of excavated trenches submersed in water, drops from utility


Transportation Fuel your fleet productivity with rugged devices built to serve their needs. Easy to deploy, manage and use, Sonim mobility solutions address the communication, control and cost needs

Public Safety

Public Safety and Sonim Built to serve those who protect and serve our communities. Stay connected and safe with ultra-rugged devices, purpose-built for public safety. With true OneTouch


Hospitality Sonim provides in-building communications and connectivity solutions for front-of-house