Energy and Utility

Sonim phones will work reliably day after day, for three or more years in the harsh environments of excavated trenches submersed in water, drops from utility poles and in every kind of weather. When the inability to communicate with a field worker means jobs can’t be completed, or if long miles must be driven to find a replacement device, Sonim toughness protects the bottom line.

Coordinate between the lineworker in the sky and the crane operator, or the technician at the telecom central office with the worker at the box in the street. Near-instant Push-to-Talk (PTT)* rugged shoulder microphone / speakers, hands-free PTT headsets and third party vehicle solutions cover all situations where radios are traditionally used, in a compact form factor.


Leading Mobile Resource Management applications companies support Sonim phones with GPS Tracking, Time sheet automation, Mileage Tracking and Job Dispatch.   Back at base dispatchers can predict more precisely to the customer when the technician will arrive.

Sonim devices work as hard as your workforce, lasting throughout one or more full shifts even with Bluetooth and GPS on and frequent PTT and application usage.

Sonim’s Lone Worker solutions actively monitor workers, assuring employee safety and compliance with regulations through a worker panic button, man-down sensor, location updates to a response center and or automated help calls.   Double productivity – there’s no need to send an extra person to stand at a manhole just to watch over the one doing all the work. (Requires third-party solution / service.)

* Check with your service provider for availability and pricing.

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