Public Safety and Sonim

Built to serve those who protect and serve our communities.

Stay connected and safe with ultra-rugged devices, purpose-built for public safety. With true OneTouch Push-to-Talk and access to public safety broadband networks, Sonim mobile devices keep public safety workers communicating and coordinated in hazardous, isolated or emergency conditions.

Sonim devices are a powerful evolution of the traditional radio, featuring the multi-shift battery life and dedicated OneTouch PTT alongside Sonim SCOUT device management, location and workflow applications and more. Communication is the bedrock of public safety. At Sonim, we proudly innovate, support and deliver the reliable, rugged solutions primed to serve the critical missions of first responders all with a 3-year comprehensive warranty.

Download Sonim’s Public Safety Solutions info sheet for Fire and EMS or Law Enforcement to learn more.

Sonim XP8

The smartphone that’s built to serve, built to last.

Sonim XP8 is an ultra-rugged smartphone built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need when and where they need it most.

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Sonim XP5s

Handset communication pushed to the extreme

When communication failure is not an option, Sonim XP5s is the answer. Ultra-rugged and purpose built, it thrives in severe conditions, offering those who serve an ultra-reliable Push-To-Talk solution.

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Sonim XP3

Flip the script on handset durability.

For fast, easy and reliable communication, the Sonim XP3 is standing by. This ultra-rugged, ultra-loud flip outperforms — and is available with or without it’s robust camera.

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The Sonim difference

Innovative, ultra-rugged mobile devices for mission critical needs

With OneTouch PTT, replaceable, multi-shift batteries and a 3-year comprehensive warranty, all on an ultra-rugged device designed to be rigorously cleaned with disinfectants, Sonim delivers more than powerful, reliable, instant communication. We deliver peace of mind.

Toughest Performance Standards

Ensure communication even in the most hazardous conditions

Designed and tested against industry-leading Rugged Performance Standards. Sonim devices are Non-Incendive Class I, II, III Div 2 rated; drop, impact, shock, pressure and puncture resistant; Military 810G; and can be fully submerged in water and even disinfecting chemicals to ensure you can work and thrive in extreme and emergency environments.


Instantly connect en route or on-the-scene

Sonim devices come equipped with real, dedicated OneTouch PTT so you can instantly communicate in real-time with one worker, or many, in extreme, isolated or emergency conditions. And with rugged, PTT-compatible RSM mics and headsets, you can outfit your team however to suit your needs.

Dedicated Public Safety Network

Prioritizing first responder communication

Keeping public safety professionals connected no matter the conditions. The Sonim XP8, XP5s and XP3 come with built-in Band 14 access to unleash the full power of dedicated public safety broadband networks. Leverage Direct Mode on the XP8 for off-network communication when other service is unavailable.

Sonim in action

Watch as others experience our ultra-rugged devices

At Sonim, we create solutions that support multiple Public Safety applications. Check out these videos to better understand how Sonim’s ultra-rugged handsets can help you thrive and survive.

Sonim at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Sonim ultra-rugged devices connect officers without issue or interference, so they can keep people safe during this popular hot air balloon event.