Sonim provides in-building communications and connectivity solutions for front-of-house and back-of-house staff in the hospitality industry, allowing for quicker and more accurate response times to guest requests.

With near-instant Push-to-Talk (PTT)* capabilities from leading wireless carriers and solutions providers, Sonim devices offer workers the ability to quickly communicate via voice, text, and pictures through the simple press of a large, dedicated PTT button.  Built for both 1-on-1 and large group communications, Sonim phones and our portfolio of purpose-built accessories, like remote speaker microphones (RSMs) and covert headsets, ensure that workers are always connected. Sonim’s solutions can replace two-way radios with better coverage at lower costs.


Numerous third party applications allow for the front desk staff to capture and manage guest requests in real time.  Calling to request more towels? No problem. Calling about a leaky faucet? No problem. These applications can capture the inbound request and dispatch it to the appropriate team for fulfillment and can track the request from the time it’s raised to the time that it has been satisfied.

Sonim products shrug off all conditions. Whether it’s accidentally being dropped in a cleaning solution or run over be a van in the valet lot, Sonim phones keep working. After all, constant communication is the key to ensuring guest satisfaction.

* Check with your service provider for availability and pricing.

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