Sonim provides ultra-rugged communications and productivity in a single multi-purpose device, replacing the multiple single-purpose devices of yester-year.

With near-instant Push-to-Talk (PTT)* capabilities from leading wireless carriers and solutions providers, Sonim devices offer workers the ability to quickly communicate via voice, text and pictures through the simple press of a large, dedicated PTT button.  Built for both 1-on-1 and large group communications, Sonim phones and our portfolio of purpose-built accessories, like remote speaker microphones (RSMs) and covert headsets, ensure that workers are always connected. Sonim’s solutions can replace two-way radios with better coverage at lower costs.


With Sonim Scan, couriers and warehouse workers can use the native camera on their Sonim smartphone to reliably scan up to 45 barcodes per minute.  Built to integrate with any inventory, proof of delivery or sales application, Sonim Scan ensures that workers can complete their task without having to carry multiple devices.

Let’s face it, delivery workers, warehouse workers, couriers…they work in some of the most extreme environments. From extreme heat to extreme cold. From rain to sleet and snow. From asphalt paved roads to concrete warehouse floors. Sonim phones can handle them all.  Most importantly that means that our phones are less prone to breakage, ensuring that workers in the field can stay in the field and not face lost productivity and downtime due to device breakage.

* Check with your service provider for availability and pricing.

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