Federal Government

For those who protect and serve our country, Sonim rugged mobile phones protect and serve them.

With near-instant Push-to-Talk (PTT)* capabilities from leading wireless carriers and solutions providers, Sonim devices offer workers the ability to quickly communicate via voice, text and pictures through the simple press of a large, dedicated PTT button.  Built for both 1-on-1 and large group communications, Sonim phones and our portfolio of purpose-built accessories, like remote speaker microphones (RSMs) and covert headsets, ensure that workers are always connected. Sonim’s solutions can replace two-way radios with better coverage at lower costs.


Safety, productivity and results depend on real-time exchange of information between people, systems and resources. Sonim phones are equipped with a variety of intelligent wireless technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) used to optimize routes, schedules and monitor resources and/or staff if there’s a deviation from the operation/routine. These solutions packaged in an ultra-rugged form factor with an extra-long battery life keep critical processes running smoothly in any environment.

Keeping workers connected in mission critical situations is part of our DNA. That’s why we’ve built and tested our devices to survive some of the most extreme environments and circumstances.  And most importantly, we stand behind our product with an industry-leading 3-year comprehensive warranty.

* Check with your service provider for availability and pricing.

Sonim is ready to serve.

Are you ready for ultra-rugged?