Lone workers carry out their duties in isolation from others, and because of this, they deal with a significant amount of uncertainty while on the job. If something goes wrong, these workers are totally on their own with nobody around to assist them.

Many organizations think the solution is to provide lone workers with standard cell phones, assuming they can just make a phone call and request help should they need it.  The problem with this thinking is that there’s not always time to make a call during an emergency and it can often be difficult to pin point the workers exact location.

A better solution for lone worker safety is Sonim SOS.

Sonim SOS, a SonimWare application, is available on the XP3, XP5s and XP8 and consists of a powerful safety app connected to an easy-to-use red alarm key. The way Sonim SOS works is simple. With the press of a button Sonim SOS sends instant messages and GPS location data to emergency contacts, allowing for a much safer, faster, and more accurate response.

The customizable safety features within Sonim SOS can be tailored specifically for the lone worker who is using the device, making the app an indispensable safety tool for a variety of industries. Whether the lone worker needs to alert their team of an emergency, or vice-versa, Sonim SOS can help facilitate communication in a safe and efficient manner.

The most invaluable feature of Sonim SOS is that it provides peace of mind, both for the lone worker and for the employer.  Lone workers can work confidently knowing they have the proper safety tools equipped with Sonim SOS, and that if they ever need help, it’s just a button press away. Employers can feel better knowing that their lone workers are able to easily request assistance at any time should they need it.

To learn more about how Sonim SOS can improve lone worker safety, click here.

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