SonimWare is a comprehensive suite of software tools, applications, and utilities featured on all Sonim mobile devices that are designed to improve the productivity of both workers and management, making it an essential tool for any organization. Here are five ways it can help improve productivity across all levels of your organization. 

  1. Faster device provisioning and deployment
    With SonimWare, it’s never been easier or faster to setup, deploy and customize devices for both office and field workers. Instead of spending countless hours setting up and customizing individual devices, IT administrators can use the SonimWare Setup Wizard to provision and deploy large numbers of devices across an entire organization quickly and easily.
  2. Application management made easy
    The last thing you want is your team getting distracted by social media when they should be working. With SonimWare Application Management, it’s easy for admins to customize and optimize device screens, keeping things simple for team members and allowing access to only those apps which are work or productivity related.
  3. Remote Diagnostics and support
    Rather than requiring in-person support, SonimWare gives field workers the ability to self-diagnose and troubleshoot issues no matter where their device takes them. And with SonimWare Remote Support, workers get immediate and comprehensive guidance in real-time so they can get back to the job at hand.
  4. Timesaving tools and utilities
    SonimWare provides an entire toolbox loaded with timesaving tools and utilities that simplify and improve how teams use their devices. Use Contact Transfer to manage device contacts over-the-air to ensure everyone on the team is connected. There’s also Call Screening for blocking unwanted calls and messages, or you can choose to restrict outgoing calls and messages to specific contacts.When it comes to customizing devices SonimWare features a variety of modes that act as shortcuts. There’s Stealth Mode, which provides quick and easy control over volume, notifications and audible alerts for more efficient working in quiet environments. And then there’s Kiosk Mode, which helps you customize device screens and optimize usage to apps and features that are productivity related.
  5. All-in-one solutions
    SonimWare has the ability to turn certain Sonim devices into reliable barcode scanners with the press of a button. This eliminates the need to for workers to carry a dedicated scanner, increasing productivity and reducing costs associated with multiple devices.
    *Sonim SCAN is currently only available on the XP8.

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