This new handsfree mobile solution helps public safety and frontline workers stand up to COVID-19.

Sonim Technologies and IASUS Concepts have teamed up to provide public safety and frontline workers battling COVID-19 with a complete hands-free communications experience on Sonim’s XP8 and XP5s handsets.

“With the increased use of PPE in public safety and healthcare due to COVID-19, hands-free communications solutions are essential to help frontline workers make it through the day,” said Tom Wilkinson, CEO, Sonim Technologies. “This combined with the ability to thoroughly and properly disinfect your mobile devices and accessories is essential to reduce the spread of this virus and other pathogens.”

The IASUS STEALTH Bluetooth Throat Microphone is the world’s first and most advanced of its kind. Unlike regular microphones, throat mic’s convert audio signals from vibrations on the neck, which make it the ideal communication system when wearing full-face and N95-rated respirators. The microphone has a fully modular system with a variety of headset options and a special “lights out” STEALTH mode for tactical missions. It can also be safely and quickly released from neck.

With the SNIPER PRO II Heavy Duty Wired Throat Microphones, first responders can communicate handsfree with integrated Push-to-Talk (PTT) support on the XP8 and XP5s, while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). The large dome PTT button can be worn under clothing or protective gear and activated easily with gloves. For more precise PTT control, there is an optional finger PTT that can be fitted inside the glove for quick access and virtual “handsfree” activation.  Both PTT options were designed to be used without compromising the ability to use both hands simultaneously, ideal for tactical and mission critical operations.

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