What are the features of SCOUT?

SCOUT has the following 3 categories of features Setup – Sonim Setup Wizard, SafeGuard, Kiosk Mode, App Updater, MDM Helper Utilities – Contact Transfer, Sonim BLE Connect, Call Screening, Stealth

What is Sonim SPCC?

Sonim SPCC is an internal element of SCOUT. It helps with functionality of all the features of SCOUT. It is recommended that you always have SPCC updated to latest version

How can I uninstall SCOUT?

Since SCOUT is pre-bundled on XP8, XP5s, and XP3 and you are not allowed to uninstall SCOUT. However, you can still uninstall the SCOUT updates.

How can I update SCOUT?

On XP8, you can update SCOUT from the Google Play™ store. Just search for Sonim SCOUT and Update.  For XP3 and XP5s, you can ensure you have the latest version