What is Sonim SCOUT?

SCOUT is a pre-loaded application on all Sonim devices that is used to help customers Deploy, Manage and Support their Sonim devices.


Q: What does the Sync option in SCOUT do?   A: The Sync option allows you to manually sync the SCOUT profile configuration from Sonim Cloud.     Q: Do

SCOUT Support

Q: What is SCOUT Chat?   A: SCOUT Chat helps you get instant support for your queries on Sonim solutions. You can initiate a chat with Sonim support representatives to

SCOUT Utilities

Q: What is Contact Transfer?   A: SCOUT Contact Transfer provides multiple methods to update the contacts on your device. You can update the contacts on your device by using


Q: What is Sonim Setup Wizard?   A: Sonim Setup Wizard helps you to provision and deploy large number of devices. You can create a provisioning profile on Sonim Cloud