Fire Cam

Oncall by Fire Cam is the industry leading Body Worn Camera and Video Evidence Management Solution that includes mobile apps, PC camera management software and an option for an enterprise-grade cloud server with Live Broadcast Video.

Oncall Body Worn Camera Features:

* Optimized for use with the Sonim XP7
* Rugged Military Grade Form Factor
* WVGA to 1080p Video Resolution
* Dual Mic Audio to 75+ ft
* Built in 32GB Memory
* Removable / Rechargeable “Full Shift” Battery.
* Wide Angle 150 Degree (Similar to the Naked Eye)
* Anti-Scratch Lens
* Auto Stabilization
* Optional Auto IR Night Vision
* One Button Record
* 30 Second Pre-Record
* WiFi for live streaming to any smartphone
* Voice Recorder
* Photo Button to Capture up to 12MP Photos
* IP67 Rated
* Drop Tested 10+ ft
* Multiple Accessories and Mounting Options
* ALL components of the Oncall BWC are replaceable. Unlike other cameras, you can send in your Oncall BWC for affordable repair, if needed, after the warranty expires.

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