Team on the Run

Team on the Run (TOTR) is a communication platform for the digital transformation of enterprises. TOTR tracks tasks in real time, generates user defined reports, and adapts operational flow to enhance efficiency and is available on PC and on mobile.

TOTR is utilized best to track, audit and communicate with field teams, crisis management, digitalize paper based processes and facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among all the staff. TOTR is suitable for all sizes of companies from SME to large global corporations. Team on the run replaces insecure public communications tools, thereby clearly separating private from business communication and preventing data and information leakage while keeping the ease-of-use and efficiency of a messenger app. Team on the Run is a business process communication total solution for enterprises with global network connectivity available as a SaaS solution as well as on premises.

The digital work flow module TOTR My Business, enables the digital transformation of your organization based on a secure, stable and well proven business communication and collaboration platform. My Business allows replacing and automating your existing paper based workflows, speed up approvals and enhances overall efficiency in your business processes. Forms and workflows can be easily created with intelligent widgets and distributed to the workforce instantly, allowing for agile and continuously improving processes. Clearly defined routing, authorizations, mandatory fields and signatures greatly improve quality and control of your workflows and minimize the chance for human errors.


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