Device Information provides you the following details of your device.


  • Warranty – If your warranty is registered, you will be shown the details of the warranty. If your warranty is not registered, you can click on Register and complete the form to register your device warranty
  • IMEI – Unique 15-digit device identifier
  • Model – Android designation for your device (XP3 = XP3800, XP5s = XP5800, XP8 = XP8800)
  • Carrier – Mobile operator as pulled from the SIM card
  • Baseband version – Piece of the Operating System that controls all radio devices on the phone, including GPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC, cell data, and voice
  • Android version
  • Kernel version
  • Build number – Details of the specific version of Sonim firmware that is installed on the device
  • Check for Updates – Link to check and install operating system updates