Q: What is Sonim Chat?

A: Sonim Chat is a feature of Sonim SCOUT. It is available under SCOUT -> Support -> Chat.

Sonim Chat helps you to connect with Sonim Support team to get instant answers to all your queries. To initiate a chat with the Sonim Support team you need to navigate to SCOUT -> Support -> Chat, Fill in First Name, Last Name, Email and Subject (Details of your question) and click on Chat Now. A Sonim Support representative will be assigned to you to answer all of your questions.


Q: How do I install Sonim Chat?

A: For XP8, Sonim Chat will be pre-loaded on your phone.

For XP3 and XP5s, you can ensure you have the latest version of Sonim Chat by running SCOUT App Updater (SCOUT -> Setup -> App Updater -> Check for Updates).


Q: How can I uninstall Sonim Chat?

A: Sonim Chat is pre-bundled on XP8, XP5s and XP3 and you are not allowed to uninstall Sonim Chat. However, you can still uninstall the Sonim Chat updates but it is not recommended.


Q: What happens when I uninstall Sonim Chat updates?

A: If you uninstall Sonim Chat updates, Sonim Chat will roll back to the version pre-installed on the phone. Once you uninstall Sonim Chat updates there may be chances that some features may stop working or may not work as expected.


Q: Is there a time duration for Sonim Chat?

A: No, there is no time duration for Sonim Chat, Sonim Support team is available to answer any number of questions you have and there is no time limit for your chat session as long as you are actively chatting with the Sonim Support representative. However, if the Sonim Support representative does not get a reply from you for a long duration, then they may end your chat.


Q: Is there a fee for using Sonim Chat?

A: No, Sonim does not charge you any fees for using Sonim Chat.  Sonim Chat does consume a very small amount of data, the charges for the data consumed will be specific to your carrier.


Q: Can I start a Chat from where I left previously?

A: No, Sonim Chat currently does not provide the ability to resume a Chat. Every time you initiate a Chat it will be a new Chat session.


Q: Can I chat with the same Sonim Support representative with whom I chatted previously?

A: Sonim Chat randomly allocates the Support representative on the basis of availability. The allocated Support representative may or may not be the same person you spoke with previously.


Q: I was unhappy with the Support representative. How do I give a feedback to Sonim?

A: Firstly, Sonim would like to apologize to you that you were not happy with the Support representative. You can send your feedback to [email protected].


Q: The support representative was very helpful in answering my question. I would like to give feedback to Sonim?

A: Sonim is happy to have served you well. You can send your feedback to [email protected].


Q: Where can I find my saved chat?

A: To find your saved chats, you can use the file manager on your phone to find the folder named Sonim Chat under your internal storage. This folder contains all of your stored saved chats.


Q: Why do I get a message that says “No agent is available at this time”?

A: You get this message if there are no agents available to be allocated to you. For further assistance you can reach out to [email protected].