CommandWear’s web and smartphone/smartwatch software provides real-time personnel location monitoring, secure two-way IP messaging, picture and video sharing and a historical event replay capability.

At the core is a web-based map-based application for commanders and operation centre or dispatch users. The application provides an intuitive, real-time, map-based visual display of personnel locations and a message log. Field personnel use an application loaded onto their Android or iOS smartphone, such as SONIM’s ultra-durable XP7, to be tracked via GPS and to send/receive text messages, alerts and photos/video. Sending and acknowledging messages and alerts is as simple as pushing a button on a smartwatch and vibration is used to signal new messages – especially important when smartphones (or radios) can’t be heard in noisy environments.

Importantly, all data is logged in a secure real-time database for ad-hoc up-to-the-second reporting with a Playback capability.

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