The TRICS microphone is compatible with both land mobile radio and Sonim’s XP8, XP5s, and XP3 handsets. 

Sonim Technologies has partnered with Savox to launch the Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller System (TRICS®) for enhanced situational awareness, compatible with Sonim’s XP8, XP5s and XP3 handsets. 

TRICS is compatible with up to four devices, including radios, smartphones/LTE devices, intercoms, and Sonim handsets. TRICS is designed for military special forces, tactical teams, and first responders working in mission critical operations. 

“Interoperability between land mobile radios (LMR) and LTE cellular handsets is a key need for mission critical communications,” said John Graff, CMO, Sonim Technologies. “The TRICS RSM provides a single interface to support both a land mobile radio and Sonim handset. Sonim and Savox are providing an inherently safe and reliable communications solution to meet this need.” 

The following are key features of TRICS that are compatible with Sonim’s