Sonim’s RS60 and RS80 rugged SmartScanner devices were created to better serve industrial, field service and public safety workers in demanding work environments. These new devices can lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) as a result of their proven durability while improving the barcode scanning experience for workers who must rapidly capture large amounts of data.

The Sonim RS60 is a fully-rugged, six-inch handheld computer and barcode scanner and is purpose-built for efficiency and durability, making it the ideal all-in-one device for use in warehouses, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, as well as field service and public safety. In comparison, the Sonim RS80 is a fully-rugged, eight-inch tablet/barcode scanner that features front and rear facing cameras to provide the convenience of taking photos and video calls while on the job.

Both devices are designed to perform, scan and communicate in a variety of work environments and extreme conditions. In this blog we’ll be breaking down how the warehouse, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, field service, law enforcement, and fire and EMS industries can benefit from the use of these SmartScanner devices.


Warehouse managers are using technology as a way to increase efficiency. Barcode scanners are a must have for efficient fulfillment operations. The RS60 and RS80 have the rugged capability to withstand warehouse environments and can easily integrate into existing workflow applications.

Additional use cases and benefits for the warehouse industry include:

  • Barcode scanning increases speed while reducing errors
  • Workers need to be mobile in modern warehouse environments. The RS60 and RS80 are capable of high frequency scanning while remaining untethered to a fixed location.
  • 4G LTE and advanced Wi-Fi technology keep information flowing in real time and workers connected
  • Easily integrate the RS60 and RS80 into existing warehouse management platforms
  • RS60 and RS80 are fully rugged and built to survive drops to concrete and exposure to liquids and dust
    • Forklift mountable
    • Standard hand straps to increase ergonomic comfort and ease of use
    • Easily cleaned and disinfected
    • Long battery life
    • Easy to integrate into your existing environment

Transportation and Logistics