Sonim XP8 Ultra-rugged Smartphone Supported by New Verizon MCPTT Offering

Verizon Push-to-Talk Responder Improves Communications and Interoperability For First Responders

 Austin, Texas (Oct. 15, 2020) — Sonim Technologies (Nasdaq: SONM) today announced that its XP8 Android ultra-rugged smartphone is among the initial devices that are approved for Verizon’s new Push-to-Talk Responder mission-critical, interoperable-ready solution.

Verizon Push-to-Talk Responder is built to 3GPP MCPTT standards, complements the capabilities provided by Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks, and is designed to empower first responders to quickly assess a situation and communicate through text, data and, in the future, live video streaming. The Sonim XP8, which is purpose-built for public safety, includes many features that enhance the PTT experience. Features supported by Push-to-Talk Responder running on XP8 include:

  • Dedicated PTT button – no need to wake the device up or launch the app like consumer smartphones
  • Red (Emergency) Button – instantly alert dispatch and/or emergency services
  • Ultra-loud speakers and noise suppression – ensure you can stay in communication in the harshest conditions
  • Mission-critical accessories – a broad range of industrial accessories, including remote speaker microphones, wireless mics and in-vehicle mounts to address the common needs of first responders

“We are very pleased to have worked alongside Verizon for the development and testing of their new mission-critical push-to-talk offering, Push-to-Talk Responder,” said Sonim CMO John Graff. “The enhanced functionality and improved performance Verizon is bringing to first responders, combined with the purpose-built PTT features in the Sonim XP8, should further the acceptance and growth of rugged cellular-based mobility solutions in public safety.”

A key feature of Push-to-Talk Responder is the ability to have interoperable voice communications with LMR radios via a solution from Mutualink, a long-time Sonim partner. The Mutualink gateway supports the 3GPP’s interworking function (IWF) standard for interoperability.

To learn more about the Sonim XP8, click here.

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