Sonim Technologies announces the XP1301 CORE NFC, the world’s first ultra-rugged Near Field Communications (NFC) mobile phone. Designed especially for markets in cleaning, security guarding, facilities management, equipment maintenance and home visit healthcare. The XP1301 CORE NFC enhances services delivery quality assurance, provides real time business intelligence right from the client site and can improve the safety of field staff through indoor location positioning. Key applications supported by the XP1301 CORE NFC include Guard Tour Verification, Proof of Activity and Real Time Attendance reporting.

At NFC World Congress, Sonim is demonstrating the XP1301 CORE NFC, which is now available across Europe, at its stand 25B, Ground Floor – Agora Einstein.

At a class-leading range up to 4 centimetres, the XP1301 CORE NFC can read or write information to a contactless tag placed at various key locations at a client site, such as on:

an access gate that must be verified by a security guard to be locked
a wall of room that must be cleaned by cleaning service staff
a wall of an Alzheimer patients home to indicate they were visited by a nurse
on air conditioner to indicate it was inspected and serviced on a certain date
the ID badge of a worker to register who was on duty and when they started work

Data collected by the XP1301 CORE NFC is sent over the mobile network to a server that generates reports and alerts that can be used to optimize the efficiency, consistency and quality of service operations. Data returned to the phone and displayed on the screen can remind the worker of the next action to be taken. Since the position of the tags is known, the nearest worker or security guard can be mobilized to the location where immediate attention is needed.