Enevate’s HD-Energy® Batteries To Be Featured In Sonim’s Ultra-Rugged Smartphones

Irvine, Calif. and San Mateo, Calif. (Feb 16, 2016) http://www.enevate.com/, a technology leader in lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, and Sonim Technologies, the world’s recognized leader in ultra-rugged smartphones, have partnered to use Enevate’s innovative silicon Li-ion batteries based on http://www.enevate.com/technology/innovation/in Sonim’s ultra-rugged smartphones to be distributed in the U.S., Canada and worldwide. This partnership will bring extended runtimes, ultrafast charging and higher battery capacities in the same form factor to Sonim’s current and future smartphones.

Sonim delivers ultra-durable and usable smartphones with unparalleled battery life, powerful audio and great visibility outdoors in direct sunlight. These industry-leading smartphones are specifically built for users who work in extreme environments in the military and FORTUNE 1000 industrial companies in construction, transportation, and manufacturing. In addition to ease of use in extreme conditions, Sonim smartphones are fully water and dust proof and resistant to drops onto concrete from two meters. Sonim also provides an unequaled 3-year comprehensive warranty, uniquely positioning them to serve the demands of the U.S. Army and FORTUNE 1000 industrial companies.

“We are excited to bring Enevate batteries with higher energy density, ultrafast charge and lighter form factors to Sonim’s roadmap of ultra-rugged mobile phones,” said http://www.enevate.com/about/executive-team/, CEO of Enevate Corporation. “Together we can provide an enhanced user experience for Sonim’s unique target market.”

Enevate’s HD-Energy technology delivers an additional 35-50 percent runtime in smartphones, and ultrafast charging has been demonstrated to provide a 90 percent charge in 15 minutes or a 50 percent charge in just over five minutes.

Bob Plaschke http://www.sonimtech.com/index.php/en/about/executive-team/corporate/BobPlaschke_21, CEO of Sonim Technologies, welcomed the partnership as a means to demonstrate Sonim’s desire to stay ahead of the technology curve. “Many of our customers work in harsh and demanding industrial environments and require ultra-rugged smartphones that can handle tough conditions and extended periods of time away from a phone charger.” Plaschke went on to say, “Our end customers will find significant benefit in added runtime and energy capacity as well as the ability to quickly recharge their phones with Enevate’s HD-Energy technology.”


Enevate (http://www.enevate.com/)

http://www.enevate.com/ is an advanced rechargeable energy storage company focused on next generation mobile devices and drones with global headquarters in Irvine, CA. Enevate’s batteries with its breakthrough http://www.enevate.com/technology/innovation/ delivers significant performance improvement over conventional Li-ion batteries. Investors include Mission Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Tsing Capital, Infinite Potential Technologies, Presidio Ventures – a Sumitomo Corporation company, and CEC Capital. Enevate, the Enevate logo, and HD-Energy are registered trademarks and eBoost is a trademark of the Enevate Corporation.


Sonim Technologies(http://www.sonimtech.com/)

http://www.sonimtech.com/ is the provider of mission-critical solutions designed specifically for workers in extreme, hazardous and isolated environments. The Sonim solution includes ultra-rugged mobile phones, business-process applications and a suite of industrial-grade accessories, collectively designed to increase worker productivity, accountability and safety on the job site. Sonim’s industry-leading, 3-Year comprehensive warranty has redefined customer expectations of rugged technology. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., and offers its products with mobile operators around the world.