T.Flex is TASSTA’s application designed for smartphones or tablets but also desktop computers. T.Flex is running on IP networks (2G/3G/4G/WiFi) powered by the most popular operating systems Android, iOS, and Windows. It grants users maximum operational capability with a modern user interface and keeps high availability even on slow data networks. With T.Flex you can use MCPTT according to the 3GPP Standard in combination with Push to Video (PTV) and further features like Emergency alarm and Lone Worker Protection (LWP) solutions, Indoor localization plus GPS or organizing users with a Task Manager. We are committed to the critical communication users, and for that, we are offering P25, DMR, TETRA, and Analog gateways to the radio networks for seamless integration. TASSTA T.Flex passed all security checks and is compliant for all FirstNet users. TASSTA provides with customization of its solution regularly additional features for better functionality and more possibilities for First-responders and is the most innovative and optimized solution in the field for all kind of operations.

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