Blueforce Development

BlueforceTACTICAL (BTAC) is an application that enables the rapid formation of tactical teams and facilitates rich information sharing amongst team members using Sonim Ultra-Rigged Android devices brought to the tactical environment. The software provides shared awareness and extended presence of people, sensors, and services; and it provides secure information exchange between them using standard cellular, 3G/4G/5G/LTE/FirstNet, WIFI, WiMAX, satellite, and/or mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs).

Blueforce’s Tactical Presence Protocol fuses geo-location, network location, health, and sensor data into a presence heartbeat that is light on the network, yet provides complete shared tactical awareness as to where your people are and what’s going on around them. BTAC is secure and extensible and provides a plug-in interface for integration of a multitude of sensor types and/or information services. Coupled with BTAC’s extended presence capabilities, the software provides a mission critical solution for life safety, mission efficiency, and the movement of perishable tactical mission data amongst team members and commanders.

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