Q: What is Sonim Setup Wizard?

A: Sonim Setup Wizard is a feature of Sonim Scout. It is available under SCOUT -> Setup -> Sonim Setup Wizard.

Sonim Setup Wizard helps you to provision and deploy large numbers of devices. You can create a provisioning profile on Sonim Cloud and use Sonim Setup Wizard to provision your phone as per the configurations in the provisioning profile.


Q: What features can be provisioned using Sonim Setup Wizard?

A: Sonim Setup Wizard can provision the following features:

  • Configure Wi-Fi APNs
  • Download & Install Applications
  • Add VPN profiles
  • Add Contacts
  • Disable Applications
  • Set Ringtone and Volume for calls, alarms & notifications
  • Add Browser Bookmarks for Chrome & Default Browser
  • Set Admin Privilege to Apps
  • Set Wallpaper
  • Set Language
  • Set screen lock password
  • Set Mobile APN(s)
  • Enable Applications
  • Set device home screen shortcuts
  • Unique device screen lock pin
  • MDM Helper
  • SafeGuard
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Support Contact
  • Camera settings
  • Call screening Settings


Q: How do I install Sonim Setup Wizard?

A: For XP8, Sonim Setup Wizard will be pre-loaded on your phone.  For XP3 and XP5s, you can ensure you have the latest version of Sonim Setup Wizard by running App Updater (SCOUT -> Setup -> App Updater -> Check for Updates).


Q: Why is Sonim Setup Wizard prompting me to reset my device?

A: If the device is turned off before provisioning completes, Sonim Setup Wizard will prompt you to reset your device to factory settings. It is recommended to reset your device if provisioning ends abruptly. If you choose not to reset the device, then there is no guarantee that all device features will be provisioned or function as expected.


Q: Why am I getting a message that says “Invalid QR code. Check with provisioner and re-scan”?

A: If you see this message, there is a possibility that the QR code generated is not correct. The provisioner can check all of the configurations of the provisioning profile and regenerate the QR code which you can re-scan from Sonim Setup Wizard.  Before doing this, please try re-scanning the code 2-3 times.


Q: Why do I get a message that says “A device reboot is recommended to remove the icons of disabled applications”?

A: Whenever any application is enabled or disabled from the provisioning profile, the device needs to be rebooted to add or remove the application icon from your app tray. If you wish to not reboot, Sonim Setup Wizard will have disabled the application but the application icon will still be available in the app tray.  When you click on the icon you will get a message that says “App not installed”.  The application icon will disappear the next time the device is rebooted.

If you are using Sonim Setup Wizard to enable an application that has previously been disabled, that newly enabled application will not be available in the app tray until the device is rebooted.


Q: The provisioning logs show that resources have failed to provision. How do I find out the reason why those resources have failed?

A: The provisioner will have to check the configuration of the failed resources in the provisioning profile on Sonim Cloud.


Q: Why am I getting a message that says “Battery Low!  Please ensure that the phone is charged with at least 10 percent of battery”?

A: If a device shuts down in the middle of provisioning it can cause your device to malfunction, To prevent this, Sonim Setup Wizard requires your battery to be charged to at least 10% of its capacity to starting provisioning your device.


Q: Why am I getting a message that says “A few resources need manual acceptance for provisioning to complete. Please click OK to proceed.”?

A: A few resources require your acceptance to complete the final provisioning.  Sonim Setup Wizard will show this message as a reminder to complete this step. Once you click on OK, you will be presented with the acceptance dialog for each resource that requires manual permission acceptance.