Q: What is SCOUT Stealth Mode?

A: SCOUT Stealth Mode is a feature of Sonim Scout. It is available under SCOUT -> Utilities -> Stealth Mode.

SCOUT Stealth Mode allows you to easily and quickly control notifications, sounds, display and LED. You can set notifications, sounds, display and LED in a Stealth Mode profile. These settings will be applied when you turn ON Stealth Mode. You can turn on Stealth Mode from the Stealth Mode menu on XP5s and XP3, On XP8 you can also toggle Stealth Mode from a widget or by pressing the yellow key for 3 seconds (if Stealth Mode is assigned to the Yellow Key, see more details below).



Q: How do I install Stealth Mode?


A: For XP8, you can download and install Stealth Mode from the Play Store.  Just search for “SCOUT Stealth Mode”. Once installed, Stealth Mode will be available under SCOUT -> Utilities -> Stealth Mode.  For XP3 and XP5s, you can ensure you have the latest version of Stealth Mode by running SCOUT App Updater (SCOUT -> Setup -> App Updater -> Check for Updates).



Q: Can I use physical keys to turn ON Stealth Mode?


A: On XP8, you can turn Stealth Mode ON/OFF by pressing the yellow key for 3 seconds. On XP5s and XP3 using physical keys to turn ON Stealth Mode is not supported. But you can use the # key to turn OFF Stealth Mode, if you have set the display to OFF in profile settings.


Note that Stealth Mode will be automatically assigned to the Yellow Key if you are not using any applications with a higher Priority for the button, but at this time you won’t see Stealth Mode in the Settings -> Programmable Keys menu.



Q: What happens when I turn OFF the display?


A: If you turn OFF the Display in your Stealth Mode profile, then all the Stealth Mode profile settings like Media volume, Alarm Volume, Ring Volume, vibrate for calls, RYG LED, Keypad sounds, Dial pad sounds, Screen locking sounds, Touch sounds, vibrate on tap and device display will be turned OFF. The device display will not wake for any notifications or button presses and there will be no indication of Stealth Mode.



Q: Yellow key on XP8 is not turning ON Stealth Mode


A: The most likely scenario is that you have an application with a higher Priority for the Yellow key (like Sonim Scan).



Q: How do I set my Yellow key to Stealth Mode?


A: Stealth Mode is by default set to Yellow key provided you do not have Sonim Scan installed on your device (or another application with a higher priority). If the Yellow key is assigned to any other app then the only way to assign it back to Yellow key is to uninstall and then reinstall Stealth Mode.



Q: What happens when I reboot my device when Stealth Mode is ON?


A: After reboot, Stealth Mode will be turned OFF and all the settings will be set to the User preference which was set just prior to turning ON Stealth Mode. Stealth mode will take upto 90 seconds after the device reboot to set all the settings to User preference.



Q: How do I turn off Stealth Mode when my display is OFF?


A: On XP8, you can press and hold the Yellow key for 3 seconds to turn OFF Stealth Mode. If the Yellow key is assigned to another app then the only way to turn OFF Stealth Mode would be to reboot the device by pressing and holding power button for 30 seconds (until you feel the vibration).


On XP5s and XP3, you can press and hold # key for three seconds to turn OFF Stealth Mode or press and hold the power button to power off the phone and press again to power on.



Q: I forgot my lock Stealth Mode lock PIN. What do I do?


A: You cannot reset the Stealth Mode lock PIN on the device. It can only be reset from Sonim Cloud.



Q: Why is every element in my Stealth Mode profile disabled?


A: If Lock Stealth Mode is enabled then all of the elements in the profile will be disabled and you will not be able to modify any profile settings.



Q: How is Stealth Mode different from Do Not Disturb (DND)?


A: DND provides you with 3 options: total silence, alarm only and priority notifications.  Stealth Mode offers you the flexibility to set any of the profile settings to any combination as per your preference. In addition to thi