Q: What is SCOUT MDM Helper?

A: MDM Helper is a SCOUT feature that is used by Enterprise Admins to control and administer key features on Sonim mobile devices. Device features can be locked, turned ON/OFF and made available/unavailable according to company policies.


Q: How does MDM Helper work?

A: MDM Helper can only be configured via Sonim CLOUD. If no MDM Helper profile is assigned to the device in Sonim CLOUD, a message will appear in MDM Helper element under Sonim SCOUT > Setup > MDM Helper > “No MDM Helper profiles set on this device. Please visit https://www.sonimcloud.com to create an MDM Helper profile.”


Q: How can I make sure I’m always using the latest version of MDM Helper?

A: MEM Helper can be updated via App Updater for XP3 and XP5s devices (SCOUT > Setup > App Updater > Check for updates). Use the Google Play™ store to update the application on XP8 by searching for “SCOUT MDM Helper”.


Q: Which devices are supported by MDM Helper?

A: XP3, XP5s and XP8 are supported by MDM Helper.


Q: How do I setup MDM Helper?

A: MDM Helper can be setup using CLOUD resource. Resource profile name is the only mandatory field. Two main segments in the CLOUD resource

  1. Block features by disabling them
  2. Set features/settings by turning them ON or OFF. Additionally lock the state of certain features such that the User will not be able to change it


Q: How do I configure MDM Helper on the device client?

A: MDM Helper can only be configured from Sonim CLOUD. Configure a CLOUD profile with MDM Helper resource and apply the profile on the device.


Q: Which of the device features can be blocked or disabled?

A: Following device features can be blocked

  1. Sentrify
  2. Access to the Camera application
  3. Install any application
  4. Uninstall any application
  5. Device Shutdown
  6. Factory Reset
  7. Access to Device Administrator menu
  8. Camera Shutter Sound
  9. Ability to take a Screenshot
  10. Safe Mode


Q: Which of the device features can be set and/or locked?

A: Following device features can be set and/or locked

  1. Bluetooth*
  2. Wi-Fi*
  3. Location*
  4. Cellular Data*
  5. Airplane Mode*
  6. NFC*
  7. USB Connection*
  8. USB Debugging*
  9. Developer Options*
  10. Battery Saver Mode
  11. Stealth Mode (Southern Linc only)
  12. Mock Locations

* Can be set such to prevent the User from changing the state of the Setting


Q: What happens when no feature is selected from Block settings in CLOUD resource?

A: If a feature in the Block features section is not selected, User will have access to and full control over the feature.


Q: What is the expected device behavior if the User tries to access a feature of setting that has been blocked by MDM Helper?

A: The device will display a message “Device admin has restricted the access to this feature”.


Q: Are any of the features device specific?

A: NFC feature is available for XP8 device only. Stealth Mode feature is available for Southern Linc devices only.


Q: Is there a way to know which MDM Helper profile has been applied on the device?

A: If an MDM Helper resource profile has been assigned and applied to the device, the name of that profile and the state of each MDM Helper function can be viewed in the MDM Helper UI by navigating to Sonim SCOUT > Setup > MDM Helper.


Q: How is MDM Helper different from SafeGuard?

A: MDM Helper blocks and locks the device features and settings for anyone who has access to the phone. The only way to access that feature or setting is to unblock it from Sonim CLOUD. With SafeGuard, features and applications can be SafeGuarded or made accessible by providing a PIN. Users with PIN access can access the phone features and applications that have been SafeGuarded.