Press volume up while on a call to increase the volume, and/or you can switch to speakerphone to see if this improves the quality. You can also test both the speaker and earpiece in Sonim Scout’s diagnostics. Here are the steps to follow to get to the device diagnostics:

  1. Open the Scout application.
  2. Click on the Support tab.
  3. Select Sonim Care.
  4. Choose Self-diagnosis Test.
  5. At the bottom click on continue, and then click continue on the next page as well.
  6. You’ll see a list of all the tests that can be done on the device, select Speaker, and follow the prompts

a. Note: The operating system will be asking you to accept permissions from time to time. Always choose Yes, to allow permission.

If you need any further assistance with this question, please contact the Sonim Customer Experience Center at 1-833-MY-SONIM (1-833-697-6646) or email us at [email protected].  We are open 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday and we will further assist in troubleshooting.