Sonim Technologies Announces TAA Compliant Manufacturing for New 5G Connected Solutions Portfolio

Select products achieve Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliance; unlocks new market opportunities and enhances operational resilience

San Diego, CA – June 04, 2024 – Sonim Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SONM), a leading provider of mobility solutions that include ultra-rugged and rugged phones, connected devices, and accessories designed to provide extra protection for users that demand more durability in their work and everyday lives, today announced the strategic manufacturing plan for its new 5G connected solutions portfolio outside of China. Select products from this portfolio are now TAA compliant, meeting the requirements necessary for procurement by the United States government, including specific country of origin limitations. Additionally, other products in the company’s broader lineup of devices will also be manufactured outside of China to enhance operational resilience and open new market opportunities. This strategic move ensures Sonim’s commitment to high standards and reliability in their product offerings.

These milestones mark significant advancements in Sonim’s long-term growth and expansion strategy. The decision to diversify manufacturing locations reflects Sonim’s commitment to operational flexibility and geopolitical risk mitigation, enabling the company to better serve its enterprise, government, and public safety customers. Additionally, securing TAA compliance broadens market opportunities, particularly within U.S. federal agencies and other regulated sectors.

“Strategically locating our manufacturing operations outside of China and achieving TAA compliance for select models of our 5G connected solutions products are pivotal steps in strengthening our supply chain and aligning with the regulatory requirements of our key markets,” said Peter Liu, CEO of Sonim Technologies. “These efforts reinforce our dedication to delivering secure, reliable, and high-quality wireless internet solutions, while also supporting our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility. By taking these strategic actions, we meet customer needs, enhance our ESG contributions, and further solidify our leadership in rugged, durable mobility solutions.”

Industry analysts recognize the strategic importance of these developments. “Sonim’s approach to diversifying its manufacturing footprint and attaining TAA compliance positions the company well within its target markets,” said David Krebs, EVP, VDC Research Group. “This strategic shift enhances their competitive edge and aligns with market demands for secure, compliant solutions.”

Sonim’s ongoing advancements highlight its unwavering focus on enhancing product offerings and solidifying its leadership in the rugged tech market. With robust solutions trusted by U.S. government, first responders, and Fortune 500 companies, Sonim continues to set the standard for durability and innovation.

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