Fraport AG At Frankfurt Airport Transportation


Frankfurt Airport, Europe’s third largest air traffic hub, poses numerous challenges for staff and technology with over 50 million passengers and more than 400,000 flights annually. Fraport AG has a key need for reliable employees as well as dependable and sturdy equipment.

The Challenge
“It is essential for an international airport to have solid and rugged mobile phones,” said Fraport AG Frontend Senior Manager Christian Lojda. “Our employees need dependable phones, especially in extreme weather conditions ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius, humidity and dust.”

The Solution
The XP1 spec sheet immediately shows that the phone is the perfect fit for the harsh working environments of the transportation industry. Several points demonstrate the XP1’s specific suitability for the frontend – where airplanes are loaded/unloaded and dispatched for departure – including the IP-54 standard, the extra loud speakers, the extreme temperature resistance, the durable internal components, and of course, the robustness of the housing.

“The Sonim XP1 Is Like A Tool! […] No Other Mobile Phone Is As Rugged And Tough.”

Fraport AG reviewed the datasheet and decided after their first trial to deploy 800 Sonim XP1s in the frontend, where it is usually very noisy, dusty, and often wet.

The frontend staff had previously utilized Private Mobile Radios (PMR) with trunking technology before switching to the Sonim XP1 on a private GSM network. However, the PMRs were much more expensive, and the unreliability was an additional problem. “We do not know any other mobile phone that is more rugged and tough than the XP1,” said Lojda. “The Sonim XP1 is also very user friendly device – compared to our old devices – with great acoustics.”

The private GSM network combined with the reliability of the Sonim XP1 are saving Fraport AG costs, spare unit stock, and time. The failure of just one single mobile unit can bring the dispatching of airplanes to a halt, potentially causing Frankfurt Airport major delays.

The Benefits
The probabilities of financial loss and productivity loss are much reduced with the XP1. Sonim’s local Value Added Resellers (VARs) provide fast service in the unlikely event that a device malfunctions.

“The procurement and maintenance of other devices are a lot higher,” added Lojda. “Moreover, most cell phones have features and functions that are superfluous to our frontend staff, and therefore not useful to us.”

“True to its promise, the Sonim XP1 is rugged and tough enough to survive the outdoor environment of Frankfurt Airport,” said the senior manager. “We are especially satisfied with the accessible keyboard because Fraport AG employees wear gloves constantly. This offers an enormous advantage over other devices.”

“We’re just all around happy with Sonim Technologies and the XP1,” concluded Lojda. “Sonim’s customer service responds immediately when we have questions or problems. This is one of the main reasons why I prefer to work with such a highly specialized company.”

Since the XP1 was deployed 18 months ago, Fraport AG has seen relatively few issues, increasing the productivity of Frankfurt Airport Frontend tremendously.

“We Are Especially Satisfied With The Accessible Keyboard Because Fraport AG Employees Wear Gloves Constantly.”

Fraport AG is one of the leading companies in the international airport business and is active on four continents as an airport manager. Fraport Air