Q: What is Sonim SCOUT?


A: SCOUT is a pre-loaded application on all Sonim devices that is used to help customers Deploy, Manage and Support their Sonim devices.



Q: How can I install SCOUT?


A: On XP8, XP5s and XP3 SCOUT comes pre-installed on your device.



Q: How can I update SCOUT?


A: On XP8, you can update SCOUT from the Google Play™ store. Just search for Sonim SCOUT and Update.  For XP3 and XP5s, you can ensure you have the latest version of Sonim SCOUT by running SCOUT App Updater (SCOUT -> Setup -> App Updater -> Check for Updates).



Q: How can I uninstall SCOUT?


A: Since SCOUT is pre-bundled on XP8, XP5s and XP3 and you are not allowed to uninstall SCOUT. However, you can still uninstall the SCOUT updates.



Q: What happens when I uninstall SCOUT updates?


A: If you uninstall SCOUT updates, SCOUT will roll back to the version pre-installed on the phone. Once you uninstall SCOUT updates there may be chance that some features may stop working or may not work as expected. You can refer to the individual SCOUT features FAQs to check for the minimum version of SCOUT required for each feature.



Q: When I launch SCOUT, why do I get a message that says “Please update the Sonim SPCC Service”?


A: You get the message “Please update the Sonim SPCC Service via Play Store” if SPCC is not updated on your device. On XP8, you can update SPCC from the Google Play™ store. On XP5s and XP3, you can update SPPC by running SCOUT App Updater (SCOUT -> Setup -> App Updater -> Check for Updates).



Q: What is Sonim SPCC?


A: Sonim SPCC is an internal element of SCOUT. It helps with functionality of all the features of SCOUT. It is recommended that you always have SPCC updated to latest version to be able to utilize all of the latest functionalities of SCOUT.



Q: Why do some features of SCOUT show “App isn’t installed” when I try to launch them?


A: SCOUT has a few of the essential features pre-installed and provides you with an option to install other features as per your need. You can install these feature from the Google Play™ store on XP8 and by clicking on Check for Updates in App Updater for XP5s and XP3.



Q: SCOUT displays a message that an update is available for the feature. Do I have to update the feature?


A: SCOUT always checks for the availability of the latest version for each feature to provide you with a better experience. It is recommended that you update to the latest version but if you wish to use the older version you can continue to use it without updating.



Q: How can I check what version of each SCOUT feature is installed?


A: You can click on the About option under the 3 dot menu (menu key on XP3 and XP5s) to see the list of all SCOUT features along with their versions.



Q: What are the features of SCOUT?


A: SCOUT has the following 3 categories of features

Setup – Sonim Setup Wizard, SafeGuard, Kiosk Mode, App Updater, MDM Helper

Utilities – Contact Transfer, Sonim BLE Connect, Call Screening, Stealth Mode

Support – Chat, Remote Support, Sonim Care, Warranty Registration, Device Information, Support Contact, SCOUT Information.