Passive Car Cradle & Pedestal Mount for XP7

The Sonim Passive Car Cradle is the optimal accessory for customers on-the-go that need to quickly secure their device. This fully rugged car mount is designed for heavy duty use of your Sonim phone in your car, truck, van, or bus. The Sonim Passive Car Cradle is made in the USA using a tough metal alloy that is designed not to bend or crack, even in the harshest of environments.The ergonomic design allows you to easily remove or secure your Sonim device one-handed, while the fully adjustable pedestal features a concave foot design that evenly distributes the mounting load for maximum stability. The Sonim Passive Car Cradle will not impair sight or disengage during travel over even the toughest terrain, making it an ideal solution when safety is a priority.

  • Rugged car cradle and mount, with integrated cable management and adjustable to multiple positions
  • Ideal for a wide variety of industries, including transportation, waste management, construction, etc.
  • Passive car cradle and mount, with cable management for charging cables
  • Rugged design with 1.5” thick clean steel design
  • Open cradle with 6” mounting post
  • Includes insert and lock for the car charger cable
  • Options for various mounting posts from Panavise
  • Compatible with XP7, XP7 with XPand Barcode Scanner or XPand Battery Pack bracket attached

Part No. 727908214963
UPC/EAN 727908214963



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