What is Device Information?

Device Information provides you the following details of your device.   Warranty – If your warranty is registered, you will be shown the details of the warranty. If your warranty

What is SCOUT Information?

SCOUT Information provides you with the profile names for each of the resources provisioned by SCOUT on your device. If you have not added any particular resource for SCOUT configuration,

What is Warranty Registration?

Sonim Warranty Registration provides you a simple interface to input all of the required information to register your Sonim device warranty and once registered, retrieve all registration information. For more

What is Sonim Care?

Sonim Care helps you run diagnostics on core device functionality easily and quickly. It not only reports issues directly to Sonim but also provides troubleshooting tips. For more information on

What is Remote Support?

Remote Support lets you allow the Sonim Support team troubleshoot any issue or address any question while seeing the device display as if they were sitting right next to the

What is SCOUT Chat?

SCOUT Chat helps you get instant support for your queries on Sonim solutions. You can initiate a chat with Sonim support representatives to get quick answers. For more information on