Blueforce Development

Blueforce Development offers Blueforce Tactical (BTAC) and Blueforce Bluelight applications to provide life safety, sensor/machine sharing, and secure collaboration.

BTAC – An application to quickly stand-up and tear-down secure and interoperable human and machine networks using the Sonim Ultra-Rugged Android devices and autonomous agents. Fully extensible to communicate with all types of machines and sensors and highly adaptable for various use cases/mission sets.

Bluelight – An application using the inherent features of a Sonim Ultra-Rugged Android device to provide a Panic and Notification framework for workers in hazardous environments. Provides Location-Based Services, access to the Sonim Ultra-Rugged devices camera and microphone, and a Panic Rip Cord Feature to instantaneously notify those monitoring the situation when assistance is needed.

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