Sonim Technologies & Capestone, leading distributor of rugged and explosion-proof devices and value added services based in the Netherlands and Germany will expand the distribution of Sonim’s ultra-rugged mobility solutions throughout Europe. Capestone’s comprehensive portfolio combined with their extensive products, market knowledge and direct lines of communication will add value and enable resellers to continue to stay informed on the latest products available to them.

Sonim products range from ultra-rugged Android mobile devices and software to industrial grade-accessories that are purpose-built to serve those in industries like transportation and logistics, construction, as well as to serve those in mission critical public safety and military roles.

Industries That Can Benefit From the Sonim and Capestone Partnership

Sonim professional and powerful power tools do well on the construction site. They are crush, puncture, dust, scratch and impact resistant (including resistant to 2 meter drops onto concrete) and with a life of 3+ years, they offer a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Professional Push-to-Talk (network vendor dependent) and man-down monitoring keep work teams coordinated and safe.

Transport and logistics
Chain suppliers, transport services, field installations, maintenance and taxi companies have fleets and drivers who need specialized solutions in the field of communication. Ports, airports and rail operators around the world rely on Sonim to coordinate containers, maintenance personnel and cargo aircraft. With accessories specially for in vehicles, control via GPS, Push-to-Talk and lone worker safety solutions, Sonim is at home in all markets.

Security and facility management
For private security, commercial contract cleaning services, facility maintenance and hospitality, Sonim telephones help achieve lower operating costs, improve response time and keep staff safe and accountable. With Push-to-Talk, proof of activity, indoor / outdoor location monitoring and lone worker protection, one Sonim device can replace many other devices. The battery capacity for intensive use, plus an ultra rugged reliability of 3+ years of use, ensures a flawless operation and satisfied customers.

Personnel from water, electricity, gas and telecom companies work with cables and pipes underground, climb towers, descend into manholes and spend time on the road. Out of range means out of action. Sonim phones can withstand all weather conditions, mud, water and drops for years, locate the technician on the road or on site and establish direct contact and coordinate workers with Push-to-Talk.

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