Sonim and ESChat Team Up to Launch Two Remote Speaker Microphone Solutions with Channel Selector for XP8 and XP5s

Sonim and ESChat Team Up to Launch Two Remote Speaker Microphone Solutions with Channel Selector for XP8 and XP5s

  • First RSMs for PTT over cellular with 10- and 16-channel selectors
  • Only Speaker Microphone that is powered by the Mobile Phone

San Mateo, Calif. (June 25, 2019) — Sonim Technologies (Nasdaq: SONM) has launched the Stone Mountain Phoenix Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) with 10-Channel Selector and Klein Valor RSM with 16-Channel and Volume Selectors. These ultra-rugged accessories are designed with the first responder in mind, offering a complete hands-free communications experience on Sonim’s XP8 and XP5s handsets.

“These RSM products are just as rugged as any Sonim device, which make them highly complementary accessories to our XP8 and XP5s handsets,” said Bob Plaschke, CEO, Sonim Technologies. “The RSMs enhance the hands-free experience, which is especially important for first responders in emergency situations.”

Following are key features demonstrating compatibility with Sonim’s XP8 and XP5s:

  • Sonim’s SecureAudio interface allows the speaker microphone to be physically secured to and powered by the XP8/XP5s, features that are unique to Sonim devices across the cellular industry.
  • Ability to use the RSM to directly change channels or talk groups and control volume.

The Stone Mountain Phoenix and Klein VALOR RSMs’ Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice capabilities can be powered by SLA’s ESChat using a FirstNet-ready, over the top, solution specifically developed on Sonim’s SDK that is compatible with the channel selectors.

The Stone Mountain Phoenix RSM with 10-Channel Selector meets Sonim’s ultra-rugged, IP-68 and Mil-Std-810G performance standards. It includes a physical knob to change channels and volume, listen-only headset jack and large PTT button. The optional listen-only earpiece jack allows for covert listening in secure, quiet settings. In addition, a built-in emergency button on the RSM is mapped to the Sonim handset emergency button making it easy to initiate lone worker or mandown alerts. Stone Mountain provides a 2-year limited liability warranty.

The Klein VALOR RSM with 16-Channel and Volume Selectors meets IP-55 performance standards and includes two physical knobs for channel and volume selection, two large PTT buttons (front-facing and thumb) and overmolded rubber for grip. It also has a locking earpiece port for listen-only headsets, which redirects the receive audio from the speaker to reduce noise and dissemination of information to the public. Klein Electronics provides a 3-year limited liability warranty.

“ESChat provides first responders with a secure communication platform with the dedicated LTE bandwidth required to meet the needs for mission critical PTT operations,” said Josh Lober, President, ESChat. “The integration of these RSM products with Sonim’s ultra-rugged mobile phones and ESChat makes for one of the most reliable, hands-free solutions for public safety.”



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