Alain Hon

Senior Vice President, Global Engineering

At Sonim, we pride ourselves on having leaders who drive innovation and excellence. Alain Hon, our Head of Global Engineering, exemplifies this with over 20 years of experience in IT and consumer technology, including 16+ years in the mobile phone sector and an incredible track record. Alain’s expertise spans product development, management, strategy, and operations across Greater China and the US. At Sonim, he oversees our global engineering team, integrating GPM, hardware, mechanics, testing, and IDC operations to foster breakthrough innovations.

Previously, Alain served as Head of Hardware Product Development and Managing Director at Polaroid’s Taiwan branch, driving efficiency and design quality. He also led engineering operations at and held leadership roles at Motorola Mobility, HTC, and Alcatel/TCL.

Alain holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Computer Science and a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. His passion for technology and deep understanding of OEM/ODM partnerships consistently drive successful product launches for Sonim.