Whether you are a small contractor, or the equipment manager of a construction enterprise, we know you have a lot resting on your shoulders. The Sonim XP3400 ARMOR is a professional grade CDMA phone that combines ultra-rugged with the speed and reliability of 3G to maximize productivity and avoid costly mistakes.

Built based on feedback from millions of workers in the toughest jobs on Earth, the Sonim XP3400 ARMOR provides a reliable lifeline for people in harsh working conditions such as farmers tilling their crops, utility workers fixing a downed power line, or firefighters battling a raging inferno.

Backed by Sonim’s world-class Rugged Performance Standards the Sonim XP3400 ARMOR is protected by class-leading Corning® Gorilla® Glass for the highest levels of shock and scratch resistance. It goes beyond MIL-SPEC standards to withstand 6.5 ft. drops from any angle onto concrete, the pressure of a forklift in motion and even 6.5 ft. underwater submersion.

Keep your eye on operations, improve worker safety and increase productivity with real-time tracking and access to third party applications. The Sonim XP3400 ARMOR is powered by strong antenna performance, extra-long battery life and active noise cancellation to improve worker safety while the 2MP camera can capture critical information on any jobsite.

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