The Sonim XP1520 BOLT SL represents the optimal and affordable rugged choice for IT and Telecom Managers as well as independent contractors in industries such as Construction, Transportation and Logistics, Heavy Manufacturing and Agriculture who make sourcing decisions for mobile devices to be used by hundreds of related users. Equipped with Bell ’s Push-to-talk functionality, the Sonim XP1520 BOLT SL enables teams to work smarter with near-instantaneous one-to-one and one-to-many communications.

Combining the speed and reliability of 3G with ultra-rugged features, the Sonim XP1520 BOLT SL is the best solution to improve productivity and safety of workers in challenging environments. Built to Sonim’s world class Rugged Performance Standards, the Sonim XP1520 BOLT SL can be submerged in water, dropped onto concrete, driven over with a pickup truck without even missing a beat. Sonim’s RPS standards go far beyond standard Mil-Spec certifications allowing enterprises to keep critical business processes running while access to a range of targeted professional accessories will further enhance the solution.

Additionally, the XP1520 BOLT SL provides the lowest total cost of ownership of any professional mobile device, thanks to the industry-leading 3-year comprehensive warranty.

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