First responders, emergency personnel, utilities technicians, security guards, oil field workers and all those who do tough and dangerous jobs for the rest of us need equipment that meet only the highest safety standards - there's no settling for second best. From dusk until dawn, these workers are often alone for long hours in remote areas and need reliable communication in emergency situations.

Equipment failure, hazardous debris, falls, accidents, rough terrain, remote locations and uncharted territories are all real situations that put workers at risk. Your company must be able to demonstrate compliance with Work-Alone regulations.

Arm your enterprise and equip your personnel with Sonim Protect® - a cloud-based 24 x 7 active monitoring solution engineered for advanced safety that delivers unparalleled reliability to your workforce through the toughest phones in the world.

Key Features





Red Alarm

A dedicated side button immediately relays GPS coordinates for a worker in distress

International Emergency Response Coordination
Center 24x7

Highly trained professional response personnel provide
24 x 7 signal monitoring

Rescue!®+ coverage

Peace of mind with up to US $30,000 annual cost coverage associated with private emergency  medical transport

Guardian Alerts

Alert additional contacts with details and coordinates by text or email

Green button

Allows a user to cancel distress alerts with ease

Enterprise Administration

Administrators can create, modify and maintain user accounts, registrations, Guardians and more

Enterprise Monitoring Station

  Secure cloud-based website to monitor all events online

Yellow Button

  Proactive monitoring via administrator-enabled check-in timers

Man Down Red Alarm

  Advanced 3-axis accelerometer man-down feature detects accidents involving free-fall, impact or non-movement


  Get notified when a user enters or leaves a specified safety zone


Solution Benefits

  • Protect lone workers
  • Mitigate worksite risks
  • Comply with work-alone regulations
  • Respond rapidly
  • Streamline emergency procedures
  • Send one worker in with confidence (instead of two)
  • Lower insurance cost
  • Enhance productivity with access to a full range of professional grade accessories
  • Combine with Push-to-Talk, phone calling and workforce management solutions on one device
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with a 3-year comprehensive warranty

Safeguard your workers with one of two custom-built packages:

  • Sonim Protect®
  • Sonim Protect Pro®

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