Sonim addresses the communications needs of fleet operators in supply chain, delivery services and field maintenance. Our solutions are also deployed at rail operators, seaports and airports.


Battery life for long days

Sonim mobile phones have battery life that permits double shift operation, even with Bluetooth on and enterprise class GPS tracking activated.


Ultra-Rugged is a bottom line issue

Sonim products shrug off all weathers and can even survive being run over by vans. Connectors and screens that don’t break, and immunity to extreme weather and vibration ensure low Total Cost of Ownership. After all, returning a driver to base or an aircraft dispatcher to a distant office just to swap out a broken device means jobs are delayed by hours or days, customers get angry and costly fuel is wasted.


Push to Talk

Featuring near-instant Push-to-Talk including dispatcher capability with leading North American carriers, including legal hands-free use with Sonim’s Bluetooth shoulder microphone/speakers, Sonim’s solutions can replace two-way radios with better coverage and lower costs. The audio is loud enough to rise above the sound of a highway or a truck or train engine. Third parties offer Push-to-talk vehicle kits, charging solutions, locking cradles and signal boosters to meet the full spectrum of professional fleet needs.


Fleet Productivity

The leading Mobile Resource Management applications companies support Sonim phones with GPS Tracking, Time sheet, Mileage Tracking, Job Dispatch plus other advanced capabilities like geo-fencing and pre and post-trip vehicle capabilities. See our list of partners and solutions.



Sonim offers spark-proof intrinsically safe certified units for chemicals and gasoline transportation. Our lone worker monitoring with Sonim’s red panic button and man-down sensor combined with 24x7 emergency response enhance safety in situations including hijacks, collisions, medical and weather emergencies.

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