Security And Facility Management

If you deliver service operations to clients with large indoor and outdoor facilities, you manage a constantly mobile team. Success means lowering costs and demonstrating superior service metrics.


Push to Talk

Minimize time to report security, maintenance, cleaning or safety issues with near-instant Push-to-Talk (PTT). With leading North American carriers, Sonim's PTT solutions can replace two-way radios with better coverage and lower costs. Bluetooth shoulder microphone/ speakers and third party multi-unit charging solutions cover all situations where radios are traditionally used, in a compact, ultra-rugged form factor.


Proof of Activity and Indoor/Outdoor Location

Optimize routes and schedules, ensure staff accountability and quickly locate needed staff and resources when there's a deviation from the routine. Indoors, selected Sonim devices can scan small contactless electronic 'Near Field Communication' (NFC) tags placed on walls, doors, gates, equipment and ID badges, then signal the real time location and task completion of a worker on a supervisor's screen. Outdoors, pedestrian or vehicular patrols can also use GPS. Automated data collection and reporting shows the client just how great a job your team is doing.


Lone Worker protection

Assure employee safety and comply with regulations through a worker panic button, man-down sensor, location updates to a response center or security control room and automated help calls.


Device consolidation

Replace multiple devices such as a radio, guard tour verification device and panic button system with a single ultra-reliable Sonim phone that lasts 3+ years in all conditions. Save on end-to-end costs including hardware, accessories, training, IT and mobile network access.


Battery life for long days

Sonim devices work as hard as your workforce, lasting throughout the shift even with Bluetooth and GPS on and frequent PTT and application usage.

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