Sonica provides enterprise-grade push-to-talk service as an app across all carriers and for the world's most popular smartphone operating systems. The smartphone app, in conjunction with either a cloud-based or on-premise Sonica server appliance, enables low-latency PTT and group instant messaging for your entire team.

We deliver a consolidated logical PTT network even across fragmented cellular carriers to help you solve PTT interoperability challenges across your organization. Additionally, by roaming seamlessly between cellular and WiFi, Sonica extends and strengthens PTT service quality in warehouses, basements, and other cellular compromised areas.

Sonica deeply integrates with your Sonim hardware including physical PTT button and hotkeys for always on, always available service, and our web-based setup tool lets you preconfigure directories, groups (channels), and app rollout so end users can immediately start using the solution without any local configuration.

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