XPand Channel Select Module for XP6

Sonim provides an innovative approach to meeting the communication needs of your work environment. With our ultra-rugged devices, applications and accessories, Sonim is changing the way customers will implement and use technology in their work environment.

Sonim’s XP6 smartphone is the only PTT smartphone with a two-way like radio channel selection communication option over LTE. Sonim’s XP6 PTT smartphone with CSM provides quick access to talk groups and convergence of multiple devices.


Provides two-way, radio-like channel, selection using a dial for an intuitive user experience

Quick and easy access to 6 channels or talk group

Rugged IP-67 rated supporting 1.5m drop with phone on concrete

PTT subscription is required prior to use

CSM application is available from the Google Playstore and required prior to attaching the CSM accessory to the XP6

Direct “Channel” or “Talk Group” position indicator without key press or screen light up

Provides quick and easy access to traditional 6 “channels” + one off position switch for EPTT application via 3.5mm 4 pins connector

Compatible with existing and new wired EPTT audio accessories, including headsets and remote speaker microphones

Compatible with XP6, XP6 Holster

XP Channel Select Module Part No. 727908214901 is only compatible Sonim's AT&T XP6 with EPTT subscription


Model No. ACR01G

Part No.727908214901

UPC/EAN 727908214901

$ 99.95 

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