Adapter for IS C-C550 RSM and NH-IS Earmuffs for XP5/XP6/XP7

3.5m adapter allows for the Sonim C-C550 Intrinsically Safe Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) or NH-IS Earmuffs to be compatible with the XP5, XP6 or XP7 phones

Includes lanyard loop to securely connect the adapter to the RSM or Earmuffs

3.5m adapter connector contains a camlock, providing a secure fit when connected to the XP5/XP6/XP7 phone

Compatible with XP5/XP6/XP7/IS C-C550 RSM and NH-IS Earmuffs


Model No. ACA02S

Part No. 096962272371

UPC/EAN 096962272371

$ 19.95 

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